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Courtland Shakespeare is a designer and illustrator. In addition to print and web work, he is also a developer of internationally-distributed computer games. His most famous projects are Jewels of the Oracle and Jewels II. He has created titles and projects for Shakespeare Company, Bardworks, and Eloi Productions (in Canada) as well as Protostorm and Hexagon Entertainment in the US.

A graduate of the University of Toronto as well as Sheridan College (Oakville), he has been an artist and designer at Canadian daily newspapers including The Toronto Star, The Financial Post and The Toronto Sun. His work has also appeared in Maclean's, Applied Arts, Link, EC&I Magazine as well as technical books about graphic applications and colour printing.
Courtland Shakespeare
Courtland and friends take a break from
the digital trials of processors and electronic
communication devices

Local channel interview:
Spring 2013

(click on picture) 
Courtland Interview Canada MSN News
Local news story on Canada MSN News by Joseph Chin - Photo by Fred Loek

For more information, visit the web site CourtlandShakespeare.com

He can also be contacted here: info@courtlandshakespeare.com

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