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Vernon Meteorological
Vernon Meteorological Research Laboratories has been leading advanced weather studies for three decades. Founded in 1977 by Doctor A.E.L.Vernon, PhD, the VMR Lab initiated a relational database meteorological schema system using comparative values to predict thermal differentials - called Thedss. Following on its success, the research team went on to revolutionize comparative electronic/digital measuring technologies for molecular suspension density, wind velocity, air pressure, water vapour, and more.

In the early '90s, Professor Vernon's breakthrough in matter transmission -  TransMat903 - forced the lab to depart from the public eye and go underground in a secret and secure location where it could develop new technologies without interference. Their latest developments in hypersonic propulsion have been in the news indirectly, but the VMR name is no longer publicly acknowledged.

Rumours VMR is conducting experiments with autonomous synthetic bipeds (robots) have been circulating, but so far no photos or substantiated evidence has been released. Stay tuned for more information.

early bot
early sketch of Kele from Professor Vernon's
home office in the distant mountains