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the front 9
the front nine seen from the air 
view from the 9th
view of the club house from the 9th

The 6th

The Toastberry Springs Championship 18 Hole Golf Course

The magnificent champion course of the Toastberry Springs Golf & Country Club has inspired golfers for well over a century. Designed with picturesque landscapes, rolling hills, beautiful trees and a natural source of clear blue water, the location is one of a kind. An artesian spring sends the purest water to the surface through a series of caves and intergranular fractures resulting in a series of ponds, lakes and streams. It's the reason why there are so many water hazards on the course and how the club got its name.

I kept the shapes simple with hard edges without filling in detail in order to emphasize colour and light. With motion blur on the reflections in the water and some simple gradients on the fairways, it created a storybook quality to the scenery. I didn't want it to look too real. Plus, I definitely wanted computer-perfect colour, because the central character is essentially a walking super processor. The contrast of technology versus nature is at the heart of the story, because only a perfect machine can play a perfect game on a perfect course.

Human beings were never meant to play the game with perfection. That's what makes the game so perfectly addictive. The attempt to strive toward perfection without any chance of ever attaining it is at the core of human desire and the effort to compete with one's own possible best is the essence of personal ambition.

As James Whittaker said, "You never conquer a mountain. Mountains can't be conquered. You conquer yourself." (Whittaker was the first American to scale Mount Everest - 1963 with Sherpa Nawang Gombu).
the very, very long 7th

the aquatic 16th

the picturesque 2nd

the winding 4th

the elevated lucky 13th

the gorgeous 15th