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it's a fish-out-of-water story
The Perfect Round

The Perfect Round (published by Senlac Hill Press)

The project began many years ago as a short story by Will Silver Hastings. Courtland Shakespeare wanted to see it in an analog, printed form as an illustrated book. Although print was the medium of choice, they decided the artwork should be generated electronically with computer applications to maintain quality of colour and clean lines. 

Initial decisions about the aircraft, buildings and landscape were a major influence on determining the colour pallette and the drawing style of the characters. While scenery was primitive with few textures or gradients, the protagonists are outlined with a "stained glass" style. Highlights, midtones and shadows are "fields" of solid mixed process colour - note Kele's feet on the cover. Some highlights and shadows were added for realism - note the golf carts, the policeman's hat and the driver Kele borrows.

The title font is Radiant Condensed. It was designed by Robert Hunter Middleton for the Ludlow Typograph Co. in 1938. It is considered a sans serif antiqua and provides a vintage elegance to the title. The bylines and folios (inside) are in OCR. The name refers to "optical character recognition." It was developed to provide a font that could be recognized by computer scanners. It uses simple, unique shapes for each individual letter and is "monospaced" (single fixed width for each character). It seemed appropriate for a book with technical language.
inside the ship
inside the ship

accidentally ejected

policeman's hat
the policeman's hat

the containment
the containment

the driver Kele borrows