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Kele CU
goggles are replacement for eyes
Kele vision
Kele vision
Kele vision is extraordinary
Kele on the ground

Kele (pronounced kell - y) is a top secret black ops "synth"

Kele is a highly classified, top secret “black ops synth" (synthetic biped) created at Professor Vernon’s Meteorological Research Facility. Due to his extremely delicate sensors, it was absolutely forbidden for Kele to make contact with any organic surface, any living person or any unknown external electronic device. His advanced technology was never to be exposed, corrupted, contaminated or revealed to anyone outside the lab. In terms of monetary value, Kele was truly priceless. Worth billions of dollars in research and unique micro-ware, he possessed an unparalelled array of custom integrated, electronic chips, circuits and processors. If the slightest physical vulnerability was ever detected, a self-destruct program would launch automatically.

That's why when he ended up sitting on the ground of one of the fairways of the Toastberry Springs Golf & Country Club, he was incapacitated by his own operating system. This was never supposed to be a possibility.

Kele's suit is a combination of carbon fibre, diamond particles and titanium thread to form a single, seamless surface for detecting micro-measurements in air pressure, air temperature, wind velocity, water vapour and molecular suspension density.

Around his head is an array of microdish antennae to scan and record data in 360 degrees. Combined with his suit and goggles, he represents the most accurate measuring technology ever created by human science. The goggles are capable of displaying thousands of data representations while also performing a visual point of view to give Kele a sense of sight. Behind the goggles, Kele actually has no eyes. The goggles are a replacement for those human features.

Due to the fact he is never to make contact with the organic surface of Earth, Kele wears no foot apparel. Under normal conditions he maintains constant contact with the conductive floor of his specially designed aircraft which supplies power and communication links to the ship as well as the servers and support systems back at Vernon Meteorological Research Laboratories.

As an autonomous "synth" he is capable of full motion and self-transportation. There is almost no limit to his physical abilities or sheer processing power. His potential, however, is still unproven, virtually untested and mostly theoretical.

Kele suit
suit contains diamonds

no foot apparel necessary

thousands of displays

picks up the game fast

the combination of sensor suit, antenna array and goggle vision and display make Kele incredibly powerful and expensive