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view 3

maintenance person
note the maintenance person
Shen Kuo Magnetic

The Shen Kuo Magnetic Containment Laboratory

This illustration is the only one in the book that uses a 3D model. Because I needed to postion the point of view while establishing a scale of credibility, there was no other way to create a complex large enough. Once built, I could colour it and add smoke and a tiny maintenance person at the base of tower 1. I could put the camera anywhere while maintaining consistency of location.

I was also able to grab it and match it with the same perspective landscape geometry on the ground below Kele's aircraft. I'd like to do a camera walkthru inside the complex and enter the magnetic containment dome - to match it up with the interior image two pages later.

The SKM Lab is a critical turning point for the story. It combines the elements of coincidence and chance that initiates the fish-out-of-water experience of Kele. That's why the creation of the lab could not be brushed off lightly.

view 4
looking at the stacks

view 5
view from the main gate

view 6
the legacy towers

view 8
the dome housing the
magnetic containment

view 9
a view from street level