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street view
Above is the finished illustration. To the left are its unshaded vectors. Below left shows a detail.
the line work
street lamp
detail of street lamp
the line work (above) took a long time
here's a shaded version
(before colour correction)
It was important to establish Kele's situation from multiple points of view at first in order to keep him at a distance and establish the real world he observes. The story tends to zero in on him once he is on the ground.

These buildings were an opportunity to show a familiar scene, except that is no ordinary airplane passing overhead. We just don't know it yet..

. . . and yes, this one took a long time. The perspective gets a little "wonky" at times, but I wanted to keep it like that - so it looked more hand-drawn than the 3D CAD art we are so used to seeing in movies and television. Take a close look at the windows on the left. The mathematical perfection of a computer would never make windows like that. If they were a feature of your apartment, the wind would howl through them day and night, through every season. You wouldn't be able to afford the monthly bill for climate control.

a little transparent
shading provides a
sense of sunlight